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The Weird AI Phenomenon

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

June 2022 may be remembered as the month the general public embraced artificial intelligence.

Unexpectedly, the creation of user friendly AI access has been a huge success particularly among Gen Z and Millennial individuals. Only they're not using it in the way engineers expected. “Weird AI” has become an overnight hit, not with artists and small companies like the creators intended, but among young memesters like @weirddalle (who now has over 1 million followers on twitter). It was so popular that the Dall-e mini website couldn't handle the traffic.

According to google trends the month of June saw by far the largest spike in interest in the terms “AI”, “Artificial Intelligence”, and “openai” in the past 5 years. A major source of this increase in traffic was AI Dungeon, an online “text adventure” game where users play according to scripts generated by AI.

Another twitter trend boosting AI use this past June can also be traced back to OpenAI. Twitter users with access to the beta OpenAI playground used it to generate fake reddit posts or “green text” posts from 4chan. Users input phrases such as “4chan green text” or “write a reddit AITA post” with interesting results (and thousands of likes). Twitter users also enjoyed creating fake movie scripts, essays, and image captions.

What is the cause of this sudden uptake in AI use by “regular” people? Are we over our fear of machine overlords? Perhaps this marks a pivotal moment in time where the public surrenders to the proliferation of technology in their lives.

What do you think?


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