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AI is changing the way we do business

The emergence of new technology is often a catalyst for major changes within an industry and AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business across the board. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the attempt to make machines smart, in practice it is an umbrella term that includes many new technologies attempting to increase efficiency in repeated processes such as document parsing and speech recognition. AI has significantly enhanced the capability of current tech to benefit marketing and research for businesses. The ways in which AI is being used by businesses to increase efficiency and improve customer experience can be broken down into two categories: research and production.

AI data analysis applied to both external market research and internal systems improvement is expected to be absolutely necessary to remain competitive in the future. Machine learning processes apply intelligent statistical analysis to monitor current trends and competition. Search Engine Optimization can be improved, for example, by keyword and trending topic discovery. Data mining, eye tracking data, and social media monitoring can be used to create a more cultivated customer experience, giving your company a competitive edge. This tech is also powerful in identifying potential leads and/or customers. Similar techniques can be used by a company to monitor internal activities and outcomes and predict performance. For example, advertisement efforts can be adjusted in response to data mined by AI to more efficiently advertise, bringing in more customers at a lower cost.

Get the most out of your company’s AI generated market research by utilizing AI again to produce advanced, intelligent content. For example, data gathered from eye-tracking tech can be used by AI to design websites that are tailored to lead an individual through the desired customer experience. AI is also currently being used to better chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service at a fraction of the cost. Language models provide these intelligent responses as well as generating original copy for company materials and social media posts. You can also use AI natural language processes to communicate with employees and customers alike with applications such as GhostWrite, an AI email generator. This will also impact how marketing campaigns, such as cold emailing, will be conducted.

The future of business is here. If your company isn't utilizing AI, you’re already behind! Your business can use AI generated market research to produce advanced, intelligent content.

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