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AI Culture Update August 2022

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  • A new TikTok filter called AI Green Screen has achieved immense popularity in the past week. Using image generation technology comparable to Dall-e (the last AI tech to trend on social media) this filter improves the shareability of AI generated images on the platform. Users enter a short description of the image they would like to see and the filter generates it as a background for the video. In true TikTok fashion, users started trends encouraging other users to enter very specific, albeit weird, commands. One of these such trends claimed that if users enter the date of their birth, the image produced would show them how they died in a past life. As far as we know, the AI is not actually capable of this. The popularity of this filter caused the app to be overwhelmed with requests and would often display an error message. We observed a similar effect when the Dall-e mini took off on social media in June. This indicates that the industry is routinely underestimating the popularity of AI products among young consumers.

  • Forever 19, virtual influencer Lil Miquela has signed a brand deal with PacSun. Lil Miquela, self-proclaimed “queen of the metaverse” will star in ad campaigns for the company through the rest of the year. PacSun is establishing itself as a vendor of the future by establishing an NFT collection, a virtual store in the metaverse, and now by partnering with Lil Miquela.

  • A newly debuted Kpop group flaunts a futuristic twist, one of its members is completely digital and powered by AI. The group, SUPERKIND is comprised of 4 human idols and 1 AI idol. Kpop production companies have attempted integrated groups, fully digital groups, groups where real members have digital counterparts, etc. all to limited success. Perhaps SUPERKIND will be the first to find its groove with AI members.

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