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More time for the conversations that matter to you.

From small talk to big asks, we've got you covered. Enter the specifics of what you need to say and let us do the talking for you. 

Speed & Security

Seamless Outputs

Simple to 


Email AI Demo
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"I like writing emails!" - said no one ever

Meet Inky. They’ll help you write those big emails you’ve been dreading. The more this little friend gets to know you, the better they’ll be at predicting your text. You're going to wish you had an Inky for your real life conversations.

Pointing to Emails

Give Inky The Deets 

Enter only the most basic information. For example "Ask landlord to call a plumber- quick!"

Managing Emails

Let Them Do The Typing

Inky will float through the page and your email will magically appear (its not really magic but the power of AI 😉).

Fast send of email AI

Approve Before Sending

We're not perfect. We will never send a message without your permission. You can edit to add greater detail and personal touches. 

Improving speed of emails

Keep Us Around

Inky will improve over time to give you better responses. Imagine Inky's the little ghost on your shoulder helping you express yourself confidently during any correspondence.

What Our Clients Say

"My social awkwardness holds me back at work, but now I can at least communicate clearly and confidently over email with ghostwrite"

Crispus Allen

"Networking is such a pain for me, I'd literally rather do anything else. I've saved hours letting Inky type for me"

Rebecca de Winter

"Bro this app changed my life. It knows me so well that I don't even send my own emails anymore. It's literally scheduling meetings for me right now!

Victor Pascow

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